• want to be successful and independent


  • want to be healthy and energetic


  • want to be attractive and in demand


  • want to be independent of time and work


  • Faith in people

I believe in people. This the most important, and the faith in the client begins with faith in itself — in own potential, own forces, in own ability to reach what is important. To help to blossom to talents in the person, it is possible only in case you can believe in yourself and by that, to believe in others. I use a formula: “I believe that I can” = “I know that I can”. “I am sure that you will be able too”

  • Trust in peace

I believe that the world supports us when we go our own way. I know that everything that comes to life has a profound meaning, you only need to try to find and comprehend it.

  • Awareness

The awareness is full of clarity about what I do, how I do it, what I think, what I feel and why I need it.

  • Features and resources

I know that every person already has all the resources he needs to achieve the goal.
Thus, the principle of Socrates is being implemented: “Every person knows the truth. I play the role of midwife grandmother, allowing this truth to be born. ”

  • Willingness to set daring goals

I am courageous in my desires, dreams, the formulation of my values and the alignment of goals in accordance with them. I will teach you to behave as well, and you can create opportunities for your tasks. That is, first: “What do I want, what is important to me?” and then: “What do I have now?”


Coaching sessions are performed one to one, between you and me.

The standard version we meet once hour per week via Skype, What’s up or personal meeting.

To get the results, of course depending on your goals, we would need between 3 or 6 months.

At the first meetings, we will discuss:

  1.  Point A – start point, where are you now and what do you have today;
  2.  Point B – finish point, where do you want to come, what do you want to reach, whom do you want to be;
  3.  Resources you need;
  4.  To-do list with details actions you must accomplish to get the desired results;

I use special psychological tools and techniques applied individually to each client.


  • You have to fill in and send per email the questionnaire;
  • If you and your targets are interesting and achievable, you will be contacted and assigned for interview time;
  • As a result of the interview, we will agree finance and timeline conditions for full project and date, time of first coaching session;
  • The first payment must be within 48 hours after accomplished agreements;
  • If you have not paid on time, we reserve the right to postpone the date of coaching or to deny you this service;
  • By paying you fully agree to the terms of our public offer.

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