We create an E-management product which adds value to our consulting services and the end user.

E-management helps companies meet the requirements of international ISO standards, conduct audits remotely, simplifies the work of IT specialists and, together with all employees, develops and becomes a reliable basis for creating your organization’s digital knowledge base – live and online 24/7. The product is easy to integrate with any website, in different languages, or can be an independent, simple and functional management system of the organization. This model gives the business flexibility, as many clients often have their offices in different countries and regions, while audits need to be carried out several times a year across all departments.

The idea to apply E-management was born in 2003, and was successfully applied during the implementation and certification of the first SM according to ISO requirements in dozens of leading companies in the CIS market. Through this, the consulting company Certification Network MC GmbH was born, created in those years in Germany, by an entrepreneur from Ukraine, Galina Shpak-Levenberg.

We work in two countries: the office in Duesseldorf is headed by Galina, and the Kiev office of Certification Network Ukraine LLC is under the leadership of Galina’s Brother, Valentin Shpak.

After many years of testing and monitoring of various management systems in enterprises, we came to the conclusion that brilliant is everything that is convenient to use!

The unique difference of our services is that we exclusively apply online communication through timely, personalized and active feedback, as well as inform our customers about changes in industry requirements and help everyone personally understand their application, without missing news coverage in the world of business performance management.

Our main Partner is the mega innovation company Yva.ai, Yva is a Silicon Valley HR analytics system that helps organizations manage distributed teams and increase employee engagement, monitor their well-being and stress levels, and automatically identify informal leaders. The system objectively assesses the burnout, engagement, leadership qualities of employees – a total of more than 40 parameters, which before that could be measured only by intuition, or with a long delay in time. Among Yva’s most popular tools are forecasting key employee layoffs, organizational network analysis, dynamic engagement scanning, and performance metrics.

We cooperate with many international certification bodies, consulting firms and experts with whom the company has Partnership Cooperation Agreements.

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